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Hypothetical Illustration – closed portfolio

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SLS Strategies’ Hypothetical Portfolio Specification Illustration is an example of what participation in an SLS Strategies Portfolio will resemble. The contracts in the portfolio will be purchased with the SLS Strategies’ purchasing parameters being met to provide the highest quality due diligence and portfolio diversification standards possible and will meet a minimum 65% (Sixty-five percent) Yield to Maturity standard. The average contract and portfolio life expectancy assessments are provided as a medically and statistically calculated estimation of the subject insured’s life spans but are in no way guaranteed to be accurate nor should they be relied upon. Investor’s should seek the counsel of their trusted advisors before contemplating the illiquidity and time risk associated with the purchase of a fractional share of SLS’s. SLS Strategies does not dispense legal or accounting advise.

Name: Subscription Amount:
Subscriber Name: Subscription Amount
% Participation Of Raise Total YTM Total Payout
SLS Policy Code Face Amount % of Portfolio Insurance Carrier AM Best Credit Rating Age and Gender LE in months LE + 24 months Premium ReserveSubscriber
Cost Basis
Projected Yield % Subscriber Distribution at Maturity


Life expectancy (LE) is the average of at least two Life Expectancies as of the Life Certification Dates provided by licensed medical underwriters.

Additional premium capital calls may be necessary to maintain policies only in the event of an outright default of the Premium Reserve Management Company. This could decrease the overall yield.

The Dicke Company Policy Protection Trust has executed Policy Purchase Agreements for the policies set forth above.

However, the current owner(s) can withdraw policies until the insurance carriers complete the ownership change in their official company records. The policies may no longer be available by the time Subscriber funds are available to participate in the policies. If the policies are withdrawn or are fully particpated/subscribed before Subscription Funds are available to participate, then the Subscriber's funds will remain in escrow until a new, similar portfolio is identified and purchased. At that time, the Subscriber will receive a Policy Disclosure Statement ("PDS") setting forth the policies that the Subscriber is participating in or subscribing to and the Subscriber will have ten (10) calendar days after delivery to review the PDS with the right of full rescission.

AM Best is a nationally known credit ratings agency with an emphasis on the insurance industry. The associated credit ratings are a gauge of the likelihood of a credit default.